We went for a bit of a paddle today.

We went for a bit of a paddle today... 13.7km. Not so much in a Hobie, but in a traditional sea kayak, a bit of a hike. A lot of fun, although we teased the guide a bit when she warned us of rough water from a speedboat's wake. And it was less than a typical day on Perth Water, never mind Melville Water!


  1. Hope it was warmer than here! Here it was -3C when i got up. I rugged up and went out for a bike race.
    It warmed up to 4C whilst riding, so i got in the hot tub when i got home :D

  2. It was a very pleasant 22-25C with very light winds. This is what passes for high summer! Hope the race went well, Liz Quilty​

  3. Quite a while since you have paddled kayaks using arm power and not your Hobie leg powered ones.

  4. Roslyn Smith​ it certainly has been. We're in surprisingly good condition today!


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