So, our first day on our own has been very domestic.

So, our first day on our own has been very domestic. Some grocery shopping, laundry, and creating and writing postcards for the folks back home.

One observation - there is an S-Market in the middle of town, and a K-Market Super just a few hundred metres away, just outside the main strip. We've been getting stuff from the S-, but today visited the K- instead. They appear to have a much better (broader) range of products, but are perhaps a touch more expensive. Only a touch. So I had a look on the Net of a Million Lies to see what was going on.

I found a reddit thread on the topic, and apparently S- are a sort of co-op-ish chain, and K- are not, but basically my observations were borne out, although it was agreed that Lidl is the chain of choice. The closest Lidl is several hundred Km away, so that is not an option for me in Mariehamn!

We did have a nice chat with our server at the pharmacy, who had spent a year outside Cleveland, Ohio. She has a friend from Lappo, and has been there several times - 'small but beautiful' was her opinion. She was also able to give good advice about the ferry - make sure you've got snacks of your own, as the on-board ones are pretty dire. She was surprised to learn of the disc golf course though!

Early up tomorrow for the bus out to Hummelvik and the ferry to Lappo.


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