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SFF Music Video of the Week - #75

Let's leap back to the mid 90's and some synthpop from one of the great bands (and composers) of the 80s and 90s ... and who are still releasing new albums even now. For the video, we get an Oni and a westernised ... something? A small god? A sorcerer? Anyway we get some very silly wire-work, even dodgier magic effects, and a no-contact fight scene. And a rather standoffish romance. It is all gloriously over the top, extremely silly, and still works quite magnificently. Massively appropriating all sorts of culture, but it somehow does not feel mean-spirited in any way.  So here is 1994's "Always" from Erasure. 

Experimenting with solargraphy

 I've been playing with some alternative photography methods for a few months now, and I've got a can-camera set up in the back yard. It will be ready to hatch in about another nine months. But I wanted to see something sooner, so I picked up some 3.5"x5.5" photographic paper (which perfectly fits a standard drink can), and built another one. This one stayed out for only three days, but the results look very cool! Ilford Mulitgrade IV Glossy, 3 day exposure, edited in Snapseed The bright line at the far left is the sun trail, and there is a reflection of it on the right, but still a very neat effect. The black line is a powerline in front of the house, distorted by the curved paper.  I think I'll put a new one up under our weather station :)

SFF Music Video of the Week - #74

Late again, I know. It has been a hectic time post-New Year. Today we have a wonderful group of neophyte telekenetics and their friend. The four of them naturally represent the band and the guest singer. Animated by noted cartoonist and animator Jamie McKelvie, the sheer joy of this video is infectious - from playing with a hat, to the popped out toast, everything is an expression of joy.  Some discussions on the song meaning sites interpret this as an end-of-relationship song, but I disagree - especially in the light of video. It is all about embracing abilities and emotions that had been hidden. It is a song of self-empowerment and joy. So take in the 2016 sounds of Chvches, featuring Haley Williams, bringing you "Bury It".

SFF Music Video of the Week - #73

Back to Canberra to usher in the new year.  This time we have a horde of android dancers(1) under the control of the band. Who might also have designs on a couple of them. Maybe. Or maybe it is two of the androids who have designs on each other.  "We Think You're Dishy", from 2000, by B(if)tek. 1. Which always makes me think of this scene .