SFF Music Video of the Week - #99

So what is a film noir fever-dream doing here? Well, there is a good reason - and it ties in with the whole Hammer Films vibe. The veteran British studio Hammer Films is most famous for their horror offerings (many of which remain some of the best horror movies ever made, in my opinion). These were supernatural mood horror works - you rarely had a full-on monster, instead you had people with strange powers. And rarely did they use these for the benefit of man. Be they someone inhabited by a long-dead spirit, an immortal magic user, or cursed renevant, they never looked terrible at first glance. But oh, what terrors they could unleash. 

This captures that feeling with distorted camera angles, and an endless array of masks, mirrors, and strange characters. And then there is that brief moment where something truly unreal surfaces from the illusions - and it is that moment that brings this video here.

Here is Ladytron's "White Elephant", from 2011's "Gravity the Seducer".

Oh, and I still need to come up with something special for next week! Any suggestions?


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