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SFF Music Video of the Week - #116

I thought long and hard about including this one, but in the end I gave it the benefit of the doubt, largely because the band are so perfectly in character for the entire thing. The band's own description of the clip on YouTube is, in itself, a work of art - claiming it to have a vastly older history than it does, and referring to the band in the third person.  Featuring an early 80s or late 70s retrofuturistic take on the music industry, complete with cheesy 'computers', enjoy "Do It All The Time" by I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME from the EP 1981 Extended Play from 2018. Now are you confused by this multitude of dates? I sure am!

SFF Music Video of the Week - #115

A simple one  this week - imagine a world where letters go missing!  With such a disaster possible, there would have to be an agency to help out, right? Here is "The Alphabet Lost and Found", by They Might Be Giants and featuring Marty Beller, from their 2005 album "Here Come the ABCs". (And look out for someone who is going to have a Damn Good Time !)

The Wadjemup Orbital Launch Facility

 We were lucky enough to catch a launch from the Wadjemup Orbital Facility on our recent trip there. Naturally the nature of the payload was not published, nor have the orbital parameters.

Lyres Paper Dart

 This one is a riff on the Paper Plane. .75 shot Lyres American Malt .75 shot Lyres Italian Spritz .75 shot Lyres Aperitif Rosso .75 shot fresh lemon juice Quick shake with large block ice, and strain into a coupe glass Garnish with a folded paper dart on a skewer. Sharp, bitter, and citrusy, with malt undertones. 

SFF Music Video of the Week - #114

Visiting the early 2000's now, and a hip-hop love song.  Better known for portraying a pastiche of themselves in a music video, this time we get alien tourists. And an amazingly sweet little story. One that is so full of hope for the world it is almost heartbreaking. Here is "Prototype" from Outkast and 2004.

SFF Music Video of the Week - #113

It is becoming increasingly hard to find SFF music videos that are not intrinsically depressing or that end on a serious downer. In case you're wondering what that has to do with things... The world is in a terrible place right now, and I figure that keeping my videos on the light side for now is for the best. So, my hunt, aided by the amazing Leece, continues.  In fact, she dug up this week's little gem. This little post-apocalyptic visit to a funfair has just enough of an uncertainty at the end to make the grade, so let's run with "Carnival of Rust" by the Finnish band Poets of the Fall, from 2006's album of the same name.

SFF Music Video of the Week - #112

So let's go for something a little simpler this week.  This time we get a simple silent movie, set in a circus. We've got a downtrodden hero, a damsel in distress, and a villain. Everything we need for a classic story. And yes, we get some real magic in it as well.  All in all, some simple entertainment. Enjoy "Magic" by Coldplay from Ghost Stories (2014).