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Free Spirit Drink Company Launch Party

 Last night Leece and I attended the launch party for the recently opened Free Spirit Drink Company - and what a event it was! Held at the rather hidden away 3six5 events space on Newcastle St, and catered by the amazing Salt and Pepper Catering , this was an extraordinary event.  The Free Spirit Drink Company is Perth's first dedicated premium zero-proof drinks retailer - with an extraordinary range of high quality zero-proof beers, wines, and spirits. As a result, the party was completely booze-free.  And what a difference it made. There were several hundred people attending, and everyone just having a good time. There were no security guards to deal with drunk patrons, no microaggressions simmering away, just happy and excited people. Salt and Pepper plied the crowd with an amazing selection of hot foods - including some great gluten-free options, and set up a stunning cheese and cracker station.  A glass of Lyre's Classico prosecco clone or beer was provided on entry, and

SFF Music Video of the Week - #102 - NSFW

 Well something a little more risque  than my usual fare. We've got Mezzo-american amazons, drugs, sex, a conquistador way out of his depth, and, as we all know... So, let's have a look at the plot-line. We've our lost conquistador explorer wandering the jungles, and encounters a flower that sprays him with a hallucinogenic and soporific burst of pollen. Rescued from being (presumably) digested by said plant by a group of amazons, he is feted and brought before their queen. Who apparently finds him worthy.  All hail the conquering hero! But who has been conquered?   So, after all that, are you somewhere nice and private, where no-one can unexpectedly see over your shoulder? Good. Go clicky on the link now. This is "Miracle" by Caravan Palace from the 2019 album "Chronologic".

SFF Music Video of the Week - #101

Now we are counting down to the second anniversary, at 104.  This time it is back to the 80s again, and the final Woolfson/Parsons collaboration. For the video, we have a warning not to get too into your art - especially if you are a video editor. Look out for the easter eggs throughout of other APP works. All-in-all a great example of what you can do with minimal effects and a solid concept. So, from "Gaudi" (1987), here is The Alan Parsons Project's "Standing on Higher Ground".

SFF Music Video of the Week -#100

Well, we've made it through 100 episodes of this little vanity project of mine. Next countdown is to the two-year anniversary! This week's first video was uncovered by Leece who described it as "unexpectedly uplifting". Despite being from an American band, this is full of the most wonderfully over the top Eurovision style costuming and vibes. It is great to see exactly who the competent one is in the team!  Then we get to move on to the sequel video, which takes us into the counterpoint world of magical martial arts fighting games. And, oh my goodness, the eyes ! You will see what I mean! All of this was shot in some of the most spectacular places in Mexico, so we get some great scenery porn as just to round things out. So, from the 2019 album "Swing" enjoy "Fantasy" and "Swing" by SOFI TUKKER.

SFF Music Video of the Week - #99

So what is a film noir  fever-dream doing here? Well, there is a good reason - and it ties in with the whole Hammer Films vibe. The veteran British studio Hammer Films is most famous for their horror offerings (many of which remain some of the best horror movies ever made, in my opinion). These were supernatural mood horror works - you rarely had a full-on monster, instead you had people with strange powers. And rarely did they use these for the benefit of man. Be they someone inhabited by a long-dead spirit, an immortal magic user, or cursed renevant, they never looked terrible at first glance. But oh, what terrors they could unleash.  This captures that feeling with distorted camera angles, and an endless array of masks, mirrors, and strange characters. And then there is that brief moment where something truly unreal surfaces from the illusions - and it is that moment that brings this video here. Here is Ladytron's "White Elephant", from 2011's "Gravity the Sed

SFF Music Video of the Week - #98

Back to the 80s and a bit of Blake's 7 inspired dystopia. It has a narrative ... but an explanation is less forthcoming. In any event, we've got big hair and cheesy effects. What more do you need? Welcome back to 1984, and "The Body Electric" by Rush.