SFF Music Video of the Week #6

This week we have a look at a triptych of videos from the Swedish/US band Miike Snow.

Telling a tale of alien abduction, involuntary surgery and genetic modification, displacement, and a search for acceptance, this is a surreal and powerful series of videos. Our ... err ... hero has a name, by the way - "Jean Noel".

There will be more from Miike Snow in later releases.
First up is Paddling Out

Followed by The Wave

And lastly Pretender

A PMJ Sampler

To give you a sense of what to expect from Postmodern Jukebox, here's a sampler...

First, the one that started it all for us

And you've never heard 'Narf' sound so seductive!

Postmodern Jukebox in Perth 2019 - Tickets still available

The Postmodern Jukebox tour is coming to Perth again next week (20th September). As we have for the last 4? 5? years, we are going.

If you have never been to one, they put on an amazing show where you step into an alternate reality, where today's songs are re-imagined into the styles of yesterday - mostly 20s - 40s themes, but with occasional excursions to other eras. It is always a full-on show, and well worth the price.

There are still a few tickets available for the Perth show next Friday - you can get them here:

SFF Music Video of the Week #5

50's B movies have always been a rich hunting ground for inspiration for many things. Music videos are no exception.

This brings us to the late Brainbug's "Nightmare" from 1996 works the mood perfectly, with distorted camera angles, a mad scientist, and the inevitable twist at the end. Combined with the song's late 90's eurotrance beats and you have a classic video.

And Don't Believe It Couldn't Happen!

And that's another Scavenger Hunt!

The deadline for the 26th Photography Scavenger Hunt is tomorrow evening, Perth time. Both Leece and I have successfully completed all ten assigned word this time! Stay tuned for the reveals over the coming weeks.

SFF Music Video of the Week - some discussion

Looking through my collection in preparation for the coming weeks, I noticed that several of the videos and songs are ones I do not particularly like, and in some cases dislike.Will I be sharing them? Yes. Even a few who appear to carry messages that are problematic, to say the least. Why? So I can talk about why they are problematic, which I cannot do if I don't show them in the first place. I may descend into impolite language in extreme cases.As for the ones that I simply do not like? I'll share them, too, because they might be to someone else's taste. I'll be polite about them, though!

SFF Music Video of the Week #4

It takes a special amount of guts to make your music video a pastiche of one of the great SpecFic TV series. UK band Altered Images pull it off in style with their video for the 1982 release "See Those Eyes".

Adopting the theme of the classic of paranoid specfic, "The Prisoner", the band perform for ... maybe the new number 2 ... it is hard to say. But they do it in classic style, blending the 60's, 70's and 80's into a new visit to The Village.

SFF Music Video of the Week #3

Some artists embrace genre with a passion, and you will see them appear several times here. Violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling is one of them.
Here is one she did specifically for YouTube's Music Awards. Look forward to some cowboy steampunk, clockwork dancers, and more!

SFF Music Video of the Week - the rules

OK, I figure that before I get too far into this SFF Music Video of the Week thing, I'd better set some ground rules.

No fan videos - with the proviso that band-adopted fan videos are acceptable. Otherwise I'd be drowning in Eva and BSG clips. The proviso is to allow for things like the Official Video for "Your Head's on Fire" by TMBG being fan-created.The video itself must have at least a passing SFF/SpecFic theme. This will be very personal choice here, but things that are really vague I will try to explain my thinking in the selection.SFF themes in the music are nice, but not needed, and an SFF themed song with a band clip (i.e. the band is standing around playing the piece and nothing else happens) is not acceptable.I will accept suggestions. I may add them to my current 80-odd list. This post is the place to do so. I will reply with the fate of your suggestion.No movie promo clips. So, yes "Another Fine Mess" by Fanboy Frenzy has a great clip made f…

SFF Music Video of the Week #2

This week takes us back to one of the granddaddies of SFF music videos, and Yes' "Owner of a Lonely Heart". Set in a dystopian version of Thatcherite England (yes, it could have been worse), our hero is snatched off the street for reasons unknown, and sentenced to a fate uncertain, and make his escape. Or has it happend at all?

A classic song, and a classic SFF theme.

SFF Music Video of the Week #1

I've been collecting SFF themed music videos for a while. Some heavily so, some only slightly. And a few that are, well, special. Now, I'm going to share them, sometimes with some commentary, often not.
First off the rank is the Sliding Doors inspired 'Have We Met Before', by the now disbanded group 'Chairlift'.

25th Anniversary Photography Scavenger Hunt - My entries

Here's my thirteen entries in this round of the hunt. The list of twenty-six words is the same list as the first hunt's list. The difference was this time we had about two and a half months - the last time it was less than a month!

You can view the album here: My Entries and there's a preview below.

Thanks go to my friend E for the loan of the BBC Acorn Electron, and to Leece for modelling for me in several shots, not to mention putting up with me suddenly vanishing to take photos or saying things like "Can you stab the table with this knife?"!

Acorn Yellow Green  Chocolate  Button  Remote  Pencil  Tire  Hamburger  Moon  Knife  Earring  Ice

25th Anniversary Photography Scavenger Hunt - Final Reveals

Final batch of reveals! Results will be next!Donuts!! *Remote! *And last of all - Yellow! *As before, I have an iron in the fire for the ones with an asterisk.What will happen now? Historically there have been a chance for The People (that's everyone, not just the participants) to vote on a Peoples' Choice, and then an announcement of the judging. I'm not sure how it is going to work this time. Stay tuned!

25th Photography Scavenger Hunt Reveals - Green, Quarter, Knife, and Button

OK, the next batch of amazing images has been announced!

I am rather envious of some of these...  *

And I do look forward to having a fraction of the skills shown here

Some real cutting edge work *

And then there are so many buttons! *

As before, ones I have a shot in are marked with a "*".