SFF Music Video of the Week - #64

It is nearly All Hallows Eve, so let's go with something a bit spooky.
This video is painfully haunting in the imagery - doubly so when you realise what the song is about, namely domestic violence, and the struggle to get someone free of it.
The duo, Say Lou Lou are fraternal twin sisters, and the daughters of, if not rock royalty, then certainly nobles. Descended from Australia Alt-Rock and Swedish New Wave Punk musical backgrounds, they have grown into a completely different style all of their own, but with distant echoes their heritage still audible. The anger of Pink Champagne blend with the melancholy of The Church to form a background to the dreaminess of Say Lou Lou's own style, making the whole unforgettable.
Blow the playback up to full-screen, or cast it to a TV, crank the volume just a bit, and be entranced by Say Lou Lou's "Nothing but a Heartbeat" from 2015. 

SFF Music Video of the Week - #63

I am not a fan of this style of music, or of the artist (either artistically or as a person), but a full 35 minute movie produced as the promo video is hard to beat as a candidate for my list, so here it is.
"Runaway", by Keyne West from 2010. Make of it what you will.

SFF Music Video of the Week #62

Well, it is coming up on my birthday, so time for one that is for me.I'm bringing back those muses of mayhem, the marchionesses of madness, the comtesses of chaos that are Ex Hex, this time with a track from their second album, "It's Real".So we've got a boring band-clip, right up until (in something of a flashback to an earlier post)  the band have other ideas. And then, in an almost Goodies way, the whole thing takes a sharp right turn straight back into the basement studio the whole thing started in.I'll say no more, except to hope that you enjoy "Tough Enough" from 2019, by Ex Hex.

Peak Design contest for Kickstarter #10

Usual rules apply...

Offered without comment (well, maybe one comment)

She's still got it where it counts - her cutting humour is still impeccable! (To paraphrase the Scream Queen herself, what did you think I meant?)Via Boing Boing.

SFF Music Video of the Week - #61

Running late this week, whoops!Well, it looks like there's another scoutship crash. At least this time there's more than one crew, even if they don't seem keen on helping each other out very much. And there are some other goodies going on as well, and a couple of music industry in-jokes. Look out for the drummer missing an arm, and the bassist impaled on her axe. Then there is the band itself. The Breeders are one of the wonderfully intertwined bands that made up 4AD's stable in the 80s and 90s, trading members from Throwing Muses, The Pixies, Belly, and This Mortal Coil. So, enjoy the bittersweet brilliance that is "Spacewoman", from 2018, by The Breeders.

SFF Music Video of the Week - #60

2013, September 9, 9pm. Do you remember where you were?Probably not, but that is when this track was released. The spec-fic attributes of this video are subtle, but present, and it is as creepy as all get-out. Here is "Reflektor", from 2013, by Arcade Fire.

SFF Music Video of the Week #59

The duo that is behind this video I first ran into on the sadly missed Amie Street. These days Bandcamp fills a similar role.  This is a particularly cool animation for one of their earlier tracks, featuring a wonderful story, and an amazing transition between the walls of reality.I hope you all enjoy "Stay in My Memory", by BIM from 2007. 

A wee bit of fun, and a minor traffic dispute...

Quintessentially British humour here...   
Discovered thanks to BoingBoing.

SFF Music Video of the Week #58

Skipping back to the near-present, let's turn our attention to a little number from Greece. This was going to be the Greek entry into the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest - but then The 19 happened. Still, it did produce this fun and telling little video. Super powers, (implied) segregation, xenophobia, and a couple of kids who might just make it right. Heady stuff for a Eurovision entry!I hope you enjoy "Supergirl" by Stefania, from 2020.

SFF Music Video of the Week #57

Back to 1999, and one that I am sure is going to have some folks convinced that I've gone even further off the deep end.Let's take on the music first - it is a fairly basic boy-band dance track (technically R&B - believe it or not), typical of the late 90s.  Very slick sound production, but could pretty much be a drop in replacement for any number of other tunes. The  surprisingly clever lyrics are another kettle of fish. The song itself is essentially a fan shout-out - a thank-you note from the band itself. The central message being that the music industry is a major drag, but that the fans are the ones who make it worthwhile. (More recently Lady Gaga recorded a similar sentiment in "Applause".)The video is (to say the least) over the top. Giant spaceship, synchrodancing robots, hoverboard dodgeball against a holographic opponent, space fighter battles, and the obligatory mass dance scene. And yet, it still somehow makes a story out of it all (mostly), and the c…

SFF Music Video of the Week - #56

So let's head back to 2000, and an Aussie band who were probably just a few years ahead of their time.  Possibly the most interesting thing to ever come out of Canberra, B(if)tek were a synthpop duo from before synthpop was really popular.  Recording from 1994 to 2003, they released three albums - and this is from the second, the (now) ominously titled "2020". Have a watch of the strangely prophetic "Machines Work", by B(if)tek from 2000, and think about the increasing roles of AI in our world, and how many of these 'AI's are actually mechanical turks.

SFF Music Video of the Week - #55

Let's look in again at those masters of Electroswing, Caravan Palace, and see what they can do with a flying saucer invasion... 

Non alcoholic Cocktails #5

 CC-KCOk, this one is a bit more involved, but you can do some of the prep even months in advance.Ingredients:
1 cup crushed ice
2 shots Non-alcoholic Gin (e.g. Lyre's London Dry or Clovendoe Seed)
2 shots Cumquat (or Kumquat if you prefer) cordial
Soda water
1 Kumquat (or Cumquat) cut into thin seedless slicesMethod:
Place all except the sliced fruit and the soda in a shaker, and shake well.
Pour (do not strain) into margarita glasses, top with soda and garnish with (C|K)umquat slices.Now, what about the cordial? You're not going to find it in a store, so you'll need to make it yourself.Finding a suitable fruit tree is the very first step - you may have one, or know someone who does. The recipe below is from here: Cordial

1.5kg sugar
4 cups boiling water
500g kumquats
1 tablespoon (rounded) citric acid

Place the sugar, water and acid in a large bowl and stir until the sugar is dissolved.…