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25th Photography Scavenger Hunt Reveals - Green, Quarter, Knife, and Button

OK, the next batch of amazing images has been announced!

I am rather envious of some of these...  *

And I do look forward to having a fraction of the skills shown here

Some real cutting edge work *

And then there are so many buttons! *

As before, ones I have a shot in are marked with a "*".

25th Photography Scavenger Hunt Reveals - A catch-up!

I've been remiss in posting reveals for several days now, so here's a catch up post...

Starting with

Underwear -

Followed by

Newspaper -


Tire - *


Leaf -

Next up is

Olive -

That lead to

Vase -

Which somehow brings us to

Earring  - *

And as we're burning though them

Fire -

On to the sky and

Moon - *

Back down to earth for some

Chocolate - *

And for the sweet tooth, follow…

Improved mottos

After playing with for a while, I have concluded that *any* motto is automatically made better(1) by adding "and wind" to it.
(1)For humourous values of 'better'.

25th Photography Scavenger Hunt Reveals - Whistle, Sponge, and Hamburger

Reveals 4-6 are now up! We've got the words Whistle, Sponge, and Hamburger. I've got a shot in one of these :)
There continue to be stunning and inspiring works to be seen in all of these.

Eurovision or Anime? (Greece 2019)

Leece and I saw this in the semi-finals this morning. Live action Utena, anyone?

25th Photography Scavenger Hunt Reveals - Z and Xylophone

I have nothing in either of these - but I'm going to share all 26 over the next couple of weeks, as they get revealed. There are some awesome photographers taking part!

25th Photography Scavenger Hunt Reveals - Acorn

The first reveals for the 25th Photography Scavenger Hunt are up! Today we have 'Acorn'.

Australian Federal Election 2019 - The Biggest Question

I was looking at the ABC's summary of the various Senate parties ( ) and I was struck by how balanced the field is.
There are the big parties, the minor parties, and the micro parties.
There centrist, far left, far right, and plain fruitcake parties.
There is something for everyone.
With all this choice, every Australian voting will have one incredibly difficult decision to make (assuming they don't go for single above-the-line voting). One that is much more difficult than choosing who to vote for.
Who to put last?
If you are of a right wing bent, do you put the Greens below the Hemp Party? Or Labor? And what about the Pirates?
Those of a more leftwards leaning have work out if One Nation is worse or better than Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party, or if the Liberal Party is worse than both. Social progressive folks have it just as hard.  IMOP or Shooters and …