25th Photography Scavenger Hunt Reveals - A catch-up!

I've been remiss in posting reveals for several days now, so here's a catch up post...

Starting with

Underwear - https://scavengerhunt.photography/round-25-the-underwear-album/

Followed by

Newspaper - https://scavengerhunt.photography/round-25-the-newspaper-album/


Tire - https://scavengerhunt.photography/round-25-the-tire-album/ *


Leaf - https://scavengerhunt.photography/round-25-the-leaf-album/

Next up is

Olive - https://scavengerhunt.photography/round-25-the-olive-album/

That lead to

Vase -  https://scavengerhunt.photography/round-25-the-vase-album/

Which somehow brings us to

Earring  - https://scavengerhunt.photography/round-25-the-earring-album/ *

And as we're burning though them

Fire - https://scavengerhunt.photography/round-25-the-fire-album/

On to the sky and

Moon - https://scavengerhunt.photography/round-25-moon-album/ *

Back down to earth for some

Chocolate - https://scavengerhunt.photography/round-25-the-chocolate-album/ *

And for the sweet tooth, follow it with

Jelly Bean - https://scavengerhunt.photography/round-25-the-jellybean-album/

I hope you're taking notes - you'll need a

Pencil - https://scavengerhunt.photography/round-25-the-pencil-album/ *

Which brings us back up to date.

Items with a "*" are ones that I have an iron in.


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