Australian Federal Election 2019 - The Biggest Question

I was looking at the ABC's summary of the various Senate parties ( ) and I was struck by how balanced the field is.

There are the big parties, the minor parties, and the micro parties.

There centrist, far left, far right, and plain fruitcake parties.

There is something for everyone.


With all this choice, every Australian voting will have one incredibly difficult decision to make (assuming they don't go for single above-the-line voting). One that is much more difficult than choosing who to vote for.

Who to put last?

If you are of a right wing bent, do you put the Greens below the Hemp Party? Or Labor? And what about the Pirates?

Those of a more leftwards leaning have work out if One Nation is worse or better than Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party, or if the Liberal Party is worse than both.
Social progressive folks have it just as hard.  IMOP or Shooters and Fishers? Liberal Democrats? CEC?

And the worst of it is that you cannot put everyone at the bottom of the list!

As has been pointed out to me by a couple of readers who have better memories than I, whilst you still cannot put everyone at the bottom of the list, you only have to fill in the first twelve individual candidates, or the first six parties. So there is now lots of room for all of the dross to be left on the floor. Whatever colour dross it is that floats your political boat.


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