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SFF Music Video of the Week - #111

Late again, I know! Once again, we are faced with the question of who or what the monster in this is. Amazingly evocative, and very thought provoking - but I will not say too much because spoilers. Be intrigued by "Monster" by Starset, from 2016's Vessels.

Passing thunderstorm

25 minutes timelapse at 1f/5s.

Further Experiments in Alternative Photography

For a while now, I've been doing solargraphs with drink can cameras - like this one: These are long-exposure images on photographic paper, using a pinhole camera. This is a short one - only a couple of days. They can go on for years. Rather than developing them, the latent image is scanned directly, as the exposure would result in a black sheet if developed. Anyways, I thought I would try a similar technique using a medium format camera. Exposure times are a lot shorter, but still require a tripod. Here is a 15 minute exposure on a partly cloudy day, processed in Snapseed: I can see a lot potential in this.

SFF Music Videos of the Week - #110

With Talk Like A Pirate Day just around the corner, I thought we'd continue with last week's theme. This time we have a darker look at the mermaid myth, and we get some firm warnings about how to treat promises.  Enjoy Ginny Di's "The Wave Soaked Maiden" from "Songs To Drown Sailors To"  from 2021.

SFF Music Video of the Week - #109

Let's watch this one before I talk about it. Here is "Only You" by Little Mix and Cheat Codes from 2018. This one seems a little sad on the surface (especially given the song is about after a break-up), but I choose to interpret it as a beginning, not an ending. I can see our heroine spending many more hours at beaches, around dusk, when most people have left, and spending quiet quality time with her partner. You can see that neither wants to be apart - but they must be, at least for a little while. Let's rewind a little though - what just happened there? Why do they need to be apart?  The way I see it, the chlorinated pool water could not have been good for something adapted to the sea, so it would have done quite some harm - and getting them out again would only have stopped things getting worse. You can see that they are in great pain after being lifted from the pool. To allow them to heal, actual seawater would be needed - and so our hero got them there, and is pr

SFF Music Video of the Week - #108

OK, first up this band has a  problematic  history to say the very least, although it appears nothing is actually proven. I do not support what therefore appear to be the values of the band in any way, and actively stand against racism and misogyny.   The video itself is so stupidly over the top, that it really needs no comments, except, perhaps, to reflect on what happens when power metal meets WH40K - and a certain wonder that there are not more videos like this.  So here is the band Gloryhammer, with the track "Hootsforce" from the 2019 album Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex.