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SFF Muisc Video of the Week - #46

Let's roll forward to 2012, and to the heart of the synthpop revolution. This Swedish duo have been making quite a splash since their 2010 debut, and this track and video are no exception. Another singleship - again probably some sort of scout, or maybe a courier - but this time heading home. We get a distinct impression that the ship has seen better days, and the pilot is very, very tired. Not so tired as to make mistakes, but you get a strong sense of weariness. On the other hand, that is one rocking flightsuit, and I like the idea of the fingerlights, to help illuminate the controls as she activates them. Anyway, here are Niki & The Dove, with "Tomorrow" from 2012.

Non alcoholic cocktails #4

Sandgroper 3 shots Lyres Coffee Originale 1 shot Lyres American Malt 1/2 shot thin chocolate syrup 1/2 shot white mint syrup 3 shots of single cream Mix with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Slightly minty, very coffee, and pleasingly fresh. Named for a burrowing insect endemic to W.A, and the nick-name for Western Australians.

SFF Music Video of the Week - #45

So, 80's hair meets public schoolboy fantasy dream sequence with a touch The Midwitch Cuckoos, and the odd passing ninja. Yeah, this passes the litmus test! So, with no further ado, here is 1983's "Total Eclipse of the Heart", by the incomparable Bonnie Tyler.

Photography Scavenger Round 28 Reveals - Mirror

Another race I do not have a horse in, but wow! There are some extraordinary images in here!

Another month, another contest...

An ultralight hiking gear one this time... Usual rules apply...

Photography Scavenger Round 28 Reveals - Meal

One in here, too! This one features home-made zucchini pickles, home-made pickled nashi, gf sourdough, and three-pepper cheddar from Heritage Country Cheese, Nannup.

Photography Scavenger Round #28 Reveals - Cozy

I've got one in here, shot one evening at the Galaxy Drive-in. We are bundled up with pasta, hot chocolate, and a fun movie.

Non alcoholic cocktails #6

This one is still a draft - I've only tested it once, but it feels solid, and I don't think adding any complexity to it would be doing any favours. It is still so much of a draft, I have not come up with a name for it! 1 shot Lyres Coffee Originale 1/2 tsp mint syrup (e.g. Monin Vert Menthe) Stir and serve in a shot glass or shot martini glass. The mint takes a back seat here but lightens the intensity of the coffee, while the sugar of the syrup smooths out the bitter just a touch. It all ends on a slight mint and caffeine burn. Quite certainly an after-dinner drink, but not over-sweet.

Photography Scavenger Round #28 Reveals - Toilet Paper

I'm in on this one with me getting surprised while reading. The trick with this sort of shot is making it look like a surprise - which is harder than you'd expect. I ended up taking nearly 30 shots before I settled on this one.

Photography Scavenger Round 28 Reveals #1 - Matches

This round's theme was "Alone Together" - in response to The 19 lockdown many of our were/are in. I have nothing in this album - I only managed 7 of the 10 themes - but there is some awesome work to be seen here.

SFF Music Video of the Week - #44

Another amazing Australian artist this week - and we get a cool daikaiju teddybear as a bonus. This is an amazing video, and a stunning song, apparently prompted by those niggling little fights where someone says that 'it's fine', when it manifestly is not. In one of those things where the audience projects more into a work than the artist intended, I have another interpretation. I think it also serves as powerful warning of the power of depression, and the importance of friends in helping fight it - even when it becomes the great monster that takes over someone's life. With that, take a look a G Flip's 2020 song "Hyperfine".

South Tce at Sunset

South Tce in Fremantle is better known as The Cappuccino Strip, thanks to the large number of cafes and Italian restaurants that have traditionally existed there. These days the strip is much more cosmopolitan, but you can still get great coffee and food there. This SOOC exercise in bokeh was shot just on sunset. I'll almost certainly play with this, but even untouched, it captures the light and colours nicely, and reflects the dreamy relaxed nature of the area.

SFF Music Video of the Week - #43

Right now, everyone knows that Mars Needs Women  but this video turns that around a little. For a bit of bonus fun, according to Luxxury (as he goes by now), when this was made he was nursing several degrees of fever, and remembers very little of the shoot except for being dragged around in a tux. This also features some amazingly scary expressions from Jesse Marie Di Carlo-Wagner, who plays our lady from the stars. I hope you enjoy this fantastic little tale in the form of "Glass Candy" by Baron von Luxxury, from 2012.