SFF Muisc Video of the Week - #46

Let's roll forward to 2012, and to the heart of the synthpop revolution. This Swedish duo have been making quite a splash since their 2010 debut, and this track and video are no exception.

Another singleship - again probably some sort of scout, or maybe a courier - but this time heading home. We get a distinct impression that the ship has seen better days, and the pilot is very, very tired. Not so tired as to make mistakes, but you get a strong sense of weariness.

On the other hand, that is one rocking flightsuit, and I like the idea of the fingerlights, to help illuminate the controls as she activates them.

Anyway, here are Niki & The Dove, with "Tomorrow" from 2012.


  1. That is such a nice flight suit. Not something that will earworm you but pleasant listening, relaxing like without soporifics.


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