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SFF Music Video of the Week #3

Some artists embrace genre with a passion, and you will see them appear several times here. Violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling is one of them. Here is one she did specifically for YouTube's Music Awards. Look forward to some cowboy steampunk, clockwork dancers, and more!

SFF Music Video of the Week - the rules

OK, I figure that before I get too far into this SFF Music Video of the Week thing, I'd better set some ground rules. No fan videos - with the proviso that band-adopted fan videos are acceptable. Otherwise I'd be drowning in Eva and BSG clips. The proviso is to allow for things like the Official Video for "Your Head's on Fire" by TMBG being fan-created. The video itself must have at least a passing SFF/SpecFic theme. This will be very  personal choice here, but things that are really  vague I will try to explain my thinking in the selection. SFF themes in the music are nice, but not needed, and an SFF themed song with a band clip (i.e. the band is standing around playing the piece and nothing else happens) is not acceptable. I will accept suggestions. I may add them to my current 80-odd list. This post is the place to do so. I will reply with the fate of your suggestion. No movie promo clips. So, yes "Another Fine Mess" by Fanboy Frenzy has a grea

SFF Music Video of the Week #2

This week takes us back to one of the granddaddies of SFF music videos, and Yes' "Owner of a Lonely Heart". Set in a dystopian version of Thatcherite England (yes, it could have been worse), our hero is snatched off the street for reasons unknown, and sentenced to a fate uncertain, and make his escape. Or has it happend at all? A classic song, and a classic SFF theme.

SFF Music Video of the Week #1

I've been collecting SFF themed music videos for a while. Some heavily so, some only slightly. And a few that are, well, special . Now, I'm going to share them, sometimes with some commentary, often not. First off the rank is the Sliding Doors inspired 'Have We Met Before', by the now disbanded group 'Chairlift'. Enjoy!