SFF Music Video of the Week - the rules

OK, I figure that before I get too far into this SFF Music Video of the Week thing, I'd better set some ground rules.

  1. No fan videos - with the proviso that band-adopted fan videos are acceptable. Otherwise I'd be drowning in Eva and BSG clips. The proviso is to allow for things like the Official Video for "Your Head's on Fire" by TMBG being fan-created.
  2. The video itself must have at least a passing SFF/SpecFic theme. This will be very personal choice here, but things that are really vague I will try to explain my thinking in the selection.
  3. SFF themes in the music are nice, but not needed, and an SFF themed song with a band clip (i.e. the band is standing around playing the piece and nothing else happens) is not acceptable.
  4. I will accept suggestions. I may add them to my current 80-odd list. This post is the place to do so. I will reply with the fate of your suggestion.
  5. No movie promo clips. So, yes "Another Fine Mess" by Fanboy Frenzy has a great clip made from scenes from "Atomic Disaster Romance", but it does not qualify. And if any of that song, band, and/or movie actually exist, tell me and I'll post a link!
  6. II don't know yet how I am going to handle entire/part albums. "Interstella 5555'"comes to mind as a particularly problematic example. Stay tuned for an update to this rule.

That's it. Six rules.


  1. Well, I've hit the album question, and not given an update. Here it is: I'll probably do them as a single post with all the tracks, likewise for multipart videos (M83, Miike Snow, and T-ARA) are particularly guilty of this.


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