Visual Writing Prompt 2023 02 07

Written In response to this prompt over in Mastadon.

Part 1

Twice a year it came out of the river, always stopping in exactly the same place, no matter what was there. Buildings, vehicles, animals, anything there would be crushed - but it never went any further, and anything along the way was avoided.

There it would stand for an hour, and then return to the river.

No one knew why, or where it came from, or where it went. But they all agreed that it had a beautiful singing voice.

Part 2

You wondering why none of us are worried? Well, it has been doing this for as long as folks have been here. Probably longer.

We've had wars come through, and it pays no attention. Mind you, if you shoot something at it, it will come straight back at you!

As for the crushing thing, well a few years back Old Harry left his ute there when he was on a bender. Only reason insurance paid up was that it was worth so little to begin with.

Then there was that developer guy from out of town. Tried to stand his ground. Barely even a smear left after.

What was he doing there? Well someone sold him that plot, didn't they? Never did find out who.
Yeah, Old Harry does have a nice car now, why? You interested in making a deal?


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