Non alcoholic cocktails #7

Jamaican Wonder (Booth's Handbook 1966)

This one has all but vanished from the lexicon of cocktails - there is a variant on the Absolut site, but that is the only one, and that cuts back on the lime. Even Simon Difford appears to have forgotten it.

Here is a Lyre's zero-proof version:

1 shot Dark Cane Spirit or Spiced Cane Spirit

1 shot Lime Juice

1/2 shot Coffee Originale 

Dash Angostura Bitters

Mix in a highball glass, and top with chilled bitter lemon. Interestingly, the published version makes no mention of ice, so don't use any in this either.

This is quite sharp, but the coffee flavours combine with the rum backing to present a very tasty and surprising drink. 


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