SFF Music Video of the Week -#100

Well, we've made it through 100 episodes of this little vanity project of mine. Next countdown is to the two-year anniversary!

This week's first video was uncovered by Leece who described it as "unexpectedly uplifting".

Despite being from an American band, this is full of the most wonderfully over the top Eurovision style costuming and vibes. It is great to see exactly who the competent one is in the team! 

Then we get to move on to the sequel video, which takes us into the counterpoint world of magical martial arts fighting games. And, oh my goodness, the eyes! You will see what I mean!

All of this was shot in some of the most spectacular places in Mexico, so we get some great scenery porn as just to round things out.

So, from the 2019 album "Swing" enjoy "Fantasy" and "Swing" by SOFI TUKKER.


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