Free Spirit Drink Company Launch Party

 Last night Leece and I attended the launch party for the recently opened Free Spirit Drink Company - and what a event it was!

Held at the rather hidden away 3six5 events space on Newcastle St, and catered by the amazing Salt and Pepper Catering, this was an extraordinary event. 

The Free Spirit Drink Company is Perth's first dedicated premium zero-proof drinks retailer - with an extraordinary range of high quality zero-proof beers, wines, and spirits. As a result, the party was completely booze-free. 

And what a difference it made. There were several hundred people attending, and everyone just having a good time. There were no security guards to deal with drunk patrons, no microaggressions simmering away, just happy and excited people.

Salt and Pepper plied the crowd with an amazing selection of hot foods - including some great gluten-free options, and set up a stunning cheese and cracker station. 

A glass of Lyre's Classico prosecco clone or beer was provided on entry, and extensive tasting stations ensured that everyone always had something to try. Red, white, and rose wines, beers, and Lyre's cocktails were on offer to try out - and all of them were amazing to try out. Tasting cards were provided, and knowledgeable staff were on-hand to ensure you were the full bottle on what was being offered.

Meantime, a quality DJ provided discrete music - loud enough to dance to, but not so loud that it made conversation difficult. 

If this is the future of booze-free events, then we are all in for a stunning ride!


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