More adventures in cyanography

I continue to play with in-camera cyanotype imaging. My latest experiments have involved using inkjet photo paper as a substrate, and in particular in using it as a cyanotype film roll in a medium format TLR.

The results have been rather pleasing. 

GoSun Fusion. f2.8 90 minutes. SooC.

GoSun Fusion. F2.8 90 minutes post-processed.
This first one shows just how much detail you can get out of the process - and also the hazards of using a brush to apply the solution to a high-gloss paper. Nevertheless, I think the result is rather effective, and reinforces the juxtaposition of the very old technique with the ultra-modern subject.

Garden, SooC f2.8 90 minutes

Garden, post-processed. F2.8 90 minutes.
In this case the brush streaks are even more obvious, as are a number of blemishes in the coating. When coating non-gelled surfaces, a bush is OK, and a glass spreading rod even better, but neither work particularly well with a high-gloss gel paper. That said, again, the result is intriguing, so say the least.

The other downside is that the coating remains even more vulnerable to washing out than with plain paper. I suspect this is because there is no cellulose for the Prussian blue to adhere to.

Still, being able to shoot several images in a (very slow) sequence is something of an advantage. Maybe I'll try air-brushing the coating on, and see how that works.



  1. Looking very cool! I wonder if sanding the paper would help?


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