SFF Music Video of the Week - #84

This week's offering is one that I really have trouble explaining. What just happened? I'm keen to hear what others think, because I understand all the bits, but the whole eludes me. Meantime, there is a wonderful abandoned fun park, and look out for the old-school HP calculator!

From a technical aspect, this is by the same production company that brought us the "Macher Institute of Bio-Aural Epidermal De-Speakering" from the Seasons track "Of Our Discontent" (Week 9), Wasted Potential Productions (who are now mostly a concert production company).  It features singer Miya Folick, as 'Clara'. She the one with the camera, and who get woken up by 'Paisley' (Emily Whetstone) in the opening scene. Neither are in the band performing, though.

So, from 2011, here are Thrushes with "Trees" from their album "Night Falls". And please do tell me what you think happened!


  1. Cosmic geocache? They should team up with the guy in Wouldn't it be Good...


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