Scarborough Beach twilight markets, March 25, 2021

We usually head down to Scarborough Beach for the twilight markets that are held every Thursday during the warmer part of the year. There is a dizzying array of food trucks and various DJs and live performances to keep the crowds entertained. 

"Wait. Crowds?" I hear you ask? Yes, crowds. Although the shots below don't really show it.

Here in W.A, we've been making the most of our isolation from the rest of the country, and have managed to avoid any significant outbreaks after the initial surge. So far, anyway. We had one potential outbreak a couple of months back, and so we immediately went into a two-week lockdown, which everyone agreed was a great move if it meant that we could avoid a full outbreak. This is all a long way of saying that we are operating in an effectively pre-COVID state (contact tracking logs notwithstanding), aside from interstate/international travel. So things like public festivals are very much taking place as often as we can manage them.

All of this is my way of introducing some shots I took this evening. So, in the words of The Hydraulic Press Channel, here we go!

f/16, 3s, 26mm, ISO 100, NX300, Reference shot for cyanograph being shot at the same time.

f/16, 1.6s, 50mm, ISO100, NX300. Sunset on the beach. With ghost kite-surfers. 

f/20, 1/4s. 50mm, ISO100, NX300. Post-sunset. 

f/6.3, 4s, 35mm, ISO100, NX300. We ❤️ Scarborough.

f/10, 10s, 20mm, ISO100, NX300.  Heavily cropped. We ❤️ Scarborough.

Same as above, but processed into faux-cyanotype. Just because.



  1. He's *good*! I was there and it quite evokes the feel of the time coolness of the evening!


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