SFF Music Video of the Week - #87

Pit fights. One of humanity's more pervasive and hideous creations.

They come in so many forms - cocks, dogs, bears, even people. All forced to fight each other for the sake of betting and not being the one in the pit getting ripped apart. Almost anything with teeth, claws, or fists ends up in one of these things somewhere. We even do it virtually (yes, Pokemon, I am looking at you.)

But what about stuffed toys? Cute, fluffy, pastel stuffed toys? Utterly harmless, right? 

That's what we have for you today folks - a vile pit fight between stuffed toys. Overseen by a greedy gangster type, who has the game rigged. Of course. Because he's always going to get his buck, isn't he?

Welcome to the world of "Radioactive" by the US band Imagine Dragons from 2012. 


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