I'm starting to get the hang of mornings around here - kind of. :)

I'm starting to get the hang of mornings around here - kind of. :)

Took the bus to town to meet the bus out to the #SaltvikVikingMarket. Naturally, I forgot to actualy take the lunch I'd prepared, so we made use of the transfer time to grab some crackers and fruit.

The journey North to Saltvik, where the market is located was very beautiful, and took us over one of the deep inlets, that we'd call a fjord. Once we got there, we had a long chat with a potter who worked on ceramic reconstructions of period works - and even has some work in museums!

We were also treated to some wonderful music, first from Obscurus Orbis, who are best described as Medieval Metal, and then to the more traditional Själ. We scored CDs off both, which was super awesome.

For lunch we had spit-roast pork, with rutabager (swede) and cabbage - normally with flatbread, but we had our crackers - yum! The meal was served on a piece of birchwood - a wood so versatile that it was even used as the era's version of paper plates. We also saw it being used for weaving baskets - and one piece that was a back-pack!

We picked up a few other items that we can actually take home - there was so much wonderful wood and leatherwork that would have been a nightmare getting through customs. And we gave axe throwing a go, too! That was rather fun!

We finished off the day with an episode of MST3K - The Land That Time Forgot.


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