T+12, for those keeping count ☺️ And by today, I mean yesterday.

T+12, for those keeping count ☺️ And by today, I mean yesterday.

P was off to the UK today, she'll be back at the end of the week. So we cycled out to the airport to make sure she was gone see her off.

Then it was off to the south end of the island to visit the folks at Paddelboden for a most-of-day kayak tour out to Kobba Klintar - a small skerry off the coast that the old pilot station and foghorn system is on. Both of these are out of use now, and are now museums, a cafe, and an event/exhibition space. The islet is also home to many sculptures.

The weather was perfect, with light winds, clear skies, and the most stunningly calm seas. We did slightly tease our guide who warned us of the incoming wash from a passing speed boat, and we were somewhat confused, as we did not notice it at all - it was less than the normal chop on the Swan! The waters around Mariehamn are just that protected! The water itself is also rather odd for the open sea, in that it is very low salt - it is actually drinkable (for survival purposes), and is likely less saline than Perth's drinking water!.This explains the vegetation we've been seeing growing right to the edge of the sea.

What was alarming for us was that our path took us across the main ferry route into Våsterhamn (the West Harbour). Our crossings were timed to avoid the traffic, but still... these are full-on liners, not the Rotto speedboats!

We ended up paddling 13.7Km, a fair distance in a traditional kayak, which, when added to the 26km cycle, left us quite stuffed by the time we got back to the hotel.

All-in-all a stunning day.


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