T+3 Days.

T+3 Days.
The dry hotel air is really disagreeing with me - I had another headache/migraine combo today. Today was going to be museum day, but instead the main achievement was making it to Kauppahalli - a popular and well known food market. There are two GF bakeries there, and an amazing cheese shop. We may have indulged a little at all three.

An early morning excursion to try and relieve my sinuses netted us some lovely shots, but the real prizes came in the afternoon, with a looming thunderstorm over the city, and some great produce shots in the Kauppahalli.

Tomorrow, the museums for sure!


  1. Excellent photos - thanks for sharing your holiday.

    As for the dry hotel air I have a similar problem - see if you can find a cheap humidifier - I have a small USB powered one that works well enough for the small cabin's found offshore. Don't know if it'll be effective in a larger hotel room, but you could try....

  2. Michael Thompson​ do you know where I'd find one? We've only been able locate full-size units.

  3. Sorry :-(

    Mine was from Zazz (online discount thingy :-( ), but I've also seen them for sale at the discount phone case shops found in the aisles at places like Carousel.

    Just tried googling for you - but I can't get a clear handle on what junk USB style shops are available in Helsinki

    Which leaves McGuyver type suggestions :-( http://www.instructables.com/id/Evaporative-Humidifier/

  4. Translate tells me Finnish for humidifier is Ilmankostutin which may help. From there I found a Vicks Humidifier for 18 euro.


    Doesn't appear to require oil, seems happy producing steam. You may get lucky and find one in a Chemist?

  5. Precious few of them seem to exist here, Michael Thompson​. We have not seen any $2 type shops at all, and many things we'd consider global level brands simply don't exist here - no Colgate for example. That said, there is a huge range of other brands and manufactures of almost anything!

  6. Re: Storms ... it's all the hydroelectrics, mixing water with electricity that does it. Witness storms in Tasmania versus storms in Perth!

  7. Sorry Rob Masters. Good luck in your hunt :-(


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