Breakfast today brought a welcome surprise - GF muesli!

Breakfast today brought a welcome surprise - GF muesli! Add to that the GF rolls we'd picked up yesterday, and we had a really nice breakfast. Then we hopped on the No.1 bus and got off at the first bridge towards town. A five minute walk brought us to the sports stadium, and the local in-town disc golf course. This is very much a beginners' course, with 40-60m holes. That said, some of the holes are quite technical and tricky. There is also something very scary for us West Aussies - standing water! In fact, hole 8 shoots directly over a little lake! The area is part of a major park, so there was also quite a bit of wildlife around - including our first squirrel sighting.

Then I succeeded in getting us lost getting back to the bus stop - so we stopped for a coffee. Then we walked down the hill, and straight up to our busstop. Then we moved on to our other big target for the day : Turku Castle.

Only a 5 minute walk from SS Bore, this just about did us in. It is huge! And so very, very interesting! The castle has gone through several stages of construction, destruction, rebuilding, and renovation. The last major round was in 1941-1961, when it was destroyed by shelling. By '43 they were already planning the rebuild, and by 1961 it was completed, and running as both a museum and a function centre. The castle chapel is still in use, and is popular for weddings.

A break for a late lunch - and we collapsed upstairs in the cafe. So now we're making plans for tomorrow.


  1. Nice castle shots ... highlights how I need one of those spherical FoV cameras for some of the architectural shots that I struggle with creating mosaics for.


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