T+2 and the third day straight of travelling.

T+2 and the third day straight of travelling.
We got up early with headaches, and went in search of coffee. And failed, so back to the hotel for a stunning breakfast. A bit later we tried to find the makers of Eclipse, and got within 50m but with 6 levels above us, we ran out of time, and had to head back to check out.

After checking out, we revisited Mari's Smoothies for a great lunch, followed by a trip to the train station for our ride to Tampere. We have three days here, so we get to relax a bit.

We are in an Omena hotel - so cut rate, they don't have a reception! You do everything online! And all the locks and doors are key-coded!

Still, they have a microwave and kettle, and a fridge, so that's a bonus. Tomorrow we get to do some sightseeing!


  1. The Jackdaw is certainly "I'm a Corvid, don't mess with me!"


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