We started bright and earlyish despite the 1:45 fire alarm, and got ourselves checked out, and our bags dropped off...

We started bright and earlyish despite the 1:45 fire alarm, and got ourselves checked out, and our bags dropped off at the train station. A visit to the postoffice to send some goodies home, and then it was off to the Finlayson Building to seek out the Spy Museum. Sadly (but perhaps unsurprisingly) photography is not permitted there. Some really stunning exhibits, and extraordinary stories, along with some very cool interactive displays. There was also a whole bunch of displays that are better off not being interactive - like the prussic acid ring!

After, we had a nice picnic lunch, overseen by one of the local sparrows, who collected their due in crumbs. A gentle walk back through the city and a rest at the train station and then it was off to Turku. The trains here are really nice - even a relatively short intercity trip has a snack trolley, and the longer (more than 2 hours) have a full kiosk car. With multiple GF options, and even GF hot snacks!

It was a bit of a walk to the SS Bore where we are staying, a former cruise liner, long out of service, she is a part of the Turku maritime museum, as well as being a hostel. The cabins are ... tight, but comfy.

The reason for the long walk was kind of special, though. We had to go the long way around because of the hoardings for the Tall Ships Race event. This is an extraordinary event, with scores of vessels, including 20 odd tall ships - the mass of which was just overwhelming.

After dinner, we went for a walk amongst them, and then got into a chat with a couple of 'locals' - one from up near the Russian border, and the other from St Petersburg. They were wonderful to talk with - Alex (from St Petersburg) works at Martitime Museum, and the other has a partner on board one of the ships in the race.

You can see some of her (the lady from up North) photos in this post - many thanks to our nameless friend!


  1. Hi Paul Pavlinovich​, yes, it has been! The Tall Ships Race has been an unexpected bonus for us.


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