We got up early for a yummy breakfast at Aloft, and the it was off to T1 for our very cramped and full flight to Changi. On our final approach, we got put into a holding pattern because a ship was blocking the runway!!
At Changi, we booked into out transit hotel room, dumped our hand luggage, and went looking for food. That sorted (at a sports bar, alas no pirate theme or scantily clad waitresses - but bonus - no luchre libre wrestlers either), we went looking for some of the in-terminal sights, and found both the cactus garden and the lilly garden.
A short wait after that saw us getting ready to board our not so packed Finnair A350 to Helsinki.
Back a Perth, at T1, we met a very chatty Finnish couple, who were heading home after three weeks in Australia. And yes, they were on both flights, and are heading home to our next stop, Tampere!

Photo sharing to follow shortly!


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