So yesterday the plan was to catch a bus into town, and then one out to Nantali, about 30 minutes away.

So yesterday the plan was to catch a bus into town, and then one out to Nantali, about 30 minutes away. A few minutes into the first bus ride Poss looks out the window, and says "Oh, that boat goes to Naantali." A very brief conference, and I hit the stop button, just as we reach the right stop, and off we hop.

The SS Ukkopekka, a former "icebreaking inspection ship", launched in 1938. This charming little steamer takes about 1:45 to make the journey, but is so much more scenic! It also has a buffet on board, the bulk of which is GF, and for which they will provide GF black bread and clean butter, if you need it. Finns really get GF in a way I would not have believed possible.

Anyway, the trip was unbelievably smooth, and full of stunning scenery, and blessedly devoid of Muzak or tacky commentary. They give a little history of the boat at one point, but that is it.

Naantali, when we got there was charming - wooden buildings everywhere, and a causeway across to Moomin Island. We visited a wonderful restaurant, who served us stunning seafood, and then we wandered around taking in the sights.

Back on the boat for the trip back, and we indulged in the buffet dinner, and very enjoyable it was.

Back on shore, we parted ways with Poss, and went in search of bike helmets - found one for Leece, but my boof head was too big except for the really expensive ones. Then it was off to the library to find the local game group. The new library directed us to the old library, where we found half the group finishing off some games.

They normally continue at a local pub, so we tagged along, and enjoyed a couple of good games of Seven Wonders with Saara and Jonna. The whole group were really great and friendly, and very welcoming to a couple of Aussie blowins.

Back to the Bore on the No1 bus, and packing for an early departure. And stuffing ourselves with fresh peas and berries from a stand in Naantali.

Now we're off to Marihamn...more on that later!


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