Pay attention, people!

Pay attention, people!

Originally shared by Alicia Smith

Some time ago Australia Post said that quite of few of their posties were being injured, half of them by reversing cars.

So, as my driveway is a steep one, and visibility is limited as you back we switched to reversing in. Just this morning I had a chance to talk to my postie - hadn't seen him for a while.

He had been hit by a car while he was on the footpath by a woman in a Toyota 4WD (while in my street) coming out from a laneway and been put into hospital with broken ribs and various breaks and about what you'd expect from a collision like that.

Her first words "What were you doing on the footpath?"

Hello, postie. And my gods, how could she have missed him - they are flouroescent to the max! She'd have probably said the same to a pedestrian or a toddler on a tricycle too.

She said she was a nurse and went to the shops to give him a bottle of water - yeah not too bright, you don't give anything to drink or eat to an accident victim, lucky and clever him he wasn't injured enough to forget his own first aid training and refused it. I said to him that she probably didn't want any witnessess. To add to this she phoned her husband and said that she'd just hit a postie who'd wrecked the front of the car and she was going to be late to the gym and was having a terrible day. While he was laying underneath said car.

It just staggers me to this that there are such selfish, self entitled people out there that hurt someone through their own inattention, blame them and then think their day has been ruined. I like my postie and I'm a big fan of Australia Post, they do hard work and they put up with enough without being run over thank you very much, let alone by arseholes like this.

I'm sure not everyone driving big 4WD in the suburbs in a rush to the gym is a self entitled spleenweasel caught up in their own importance but if you think behaving how that woman did is perfectly fine I'm afraid you should have someone else examine your life choices as you may not have the skills to.

So give your horn a beep reversing out, or come out nose first if you can, and if you're coming out of a laneway, check the footpath, hey?

He's better now but he's got that gaunt hospital look about him. Good to see him back!


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