Mt Shadforth Tilsit - Dellendale Creamery

Mt Shadforth Tilsit - Dellendale Creamery

This is quite a find - a non-smelly washed-rind cheese!

Firm, easy to slice, and with a mild nutty flavour, this is remarkable in that it is so versatile. Cheerfully pairing with almost anything - fruit, salami, wines, beers, cider, tomatoes, chutneys, and pickles all go well.

This is a cheese that happily fills the same niche as mild cheddars, without the dryness of texture or flavour. An excellent eating cheese for any occasion - and a great way to ease newcomers to the wider world cheese beyond the usual commercial platter of cheddar/brie/danblu.

Delendale cheeses are available across the SW of W.A.


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