Buttermilk Ricotta - Kristen Allan

Buttermilk Ricotta - Kristen Allan

You think ricotta, and you think bland, fluffy, and good with pickles (and yeast extract spread, if that is your thing). Or perhaps a diet food.

Throw all that out the window for this one.

Kristen has created a magnificent buttermilk and cream boosted ricotta that ceases to be a bland diet food, and becomes an amazing dessert cheese.

Serve with fresh fruit and honey - bread or crackers are completely optional - or even as a topping on another dessert. Not as fatty as a cream, this has the mouth feel of a triple cream with the lightness of a yogurt. We can also see it pairing well with fruit salad and muesli for an amazing breakfast.

If this is anything to go by, Kristen's cheeses are something to track down!

Extremely limited availability, see below.


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