An extraordinary bit on engineering! And most recently run only 6 years ago!

An extraordinary bit on engineering! And most recently run only 6 years ago!

Pinging Stephen Gunnell and Andrew Muhling - I bet building a working model would be one heck of a challenge!

Originally shared by Lauri Novak

Cooke Rotary Snowplow #1

Rotary Snowplow #1 was built in 1898 by the Cooke Locomotive and Machinery Company of Paterson, NJ for White Pass & Yukon Route. It helped the railroad face the challenges of heavy winter snows with accumulations of up to 12 feet.  Pushed by up to 2 helper engines, the rotary's 10 huge blades sent snow flying out to the side of the tracks by centrifugal force. Rotary Snow Plow #1 was retired in 1965 but was run again in 2009 and 20011 to clear the rail between White Pass Summit and Lake Bennet.  Today, the restored Rotary is on display at the WP & YR Skagway Depot.  Skagway, Alaska

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  1. The snowplow was effectively another locomotive except it drove the blades instead of wheels. This is one of its siblings in action - White Pass & Yukon Route railway - Rotary Snow Plow at Work #3

  2. Rob Masters in my scale and the correct climate they are a quite popular build. Here's one in action: - G Scale Train Rotary Snow Plow

  3. Wowser! That's an amazing build!


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