Storm Day

Storm Day
WPP2016 - Week 17 - Vanishing Point

+Ken Fowkes, Alen Ianni , Tim Kennedy , Robyn King , Rob Masters , Bernhard Rembold , Byron S , Francesco Scaglioni , Alicia Smith , Grandma Snyder , Navin Upendran and Mary Wardell


Another great Perth landmark is the City Beach Groyne. The watch tower at the end is the second on the site, the first was destroyed in 1978 by Cyclone Alby. Here it is standing watch over the first of this season's winter storms.


  1. Lovely moody shot. The storm is almost on us...

  2. Like the moody feel and the textures in the rocks, although my ocd baulks at that horizon.

  3. I keep feeling that a wave will break over the edge at any moment. Well done.

  4. Love the subtle complementary colors. They sooth my discomfort over the impending storm, as the slanted horizon amplifies.


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