For the powergamers... :)

For the powergamers... :)

Via Winchell Chung​

Originally shared by Wayne's Books

Expensive, but effective... until angry bad guy returns later from the Astral Plane?


  1. And I think we ALL know SOMEONE who would actually use one of those if the situation demanded it.

  2. Rob Masters Indeed. The problem, as a friend just pointed out, is that anything the PCs can do, the GM can do too.

    It's why she banned this thing from a Pathfinder game she was running.

  3. PCs are often so hideously overpowered it is usually their lack of imagination that prevents every game blowing up in their and the gm's faces.

  4. I would invoke the rule of Causality Modification for the Universe's Self Preservation where, in practice, mysterious faults will occur preventing the portable hole entering the bag of holding.


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