Democracy Sausage for PM!

Democracy Sausage for PM!

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July 2nd, 2016

National Sausage Sizzle Day in #Australia

What’s a sausage sizzle, I hear you ask? WHAT’S A SAUSAGE SIZZLE? Sit down my friend, you are about to learn some stuff about #Australian cultural life.

A sausage sizzle occurs in large public spaces, on hot sunny days Down Under (which pretty much means all year round, except for Melbourne cos Mexican weather sux). A sausage sizzle is either free, as a draw to the event, or a fundraiser, in which it is acceptable to charge up to $2 for your sausage sizzle (gold coin donation). It must be a fundraiser for a local community organisation, however. Scouts, public schools, bush fire brigades, surf life saving clubs etc are all appropriate causes for the fundraiser sausage sizzle.

A single sausage, presented on a single piece of white bread with (or without) margarine. You can choose from two kinds of sauces - tomato or barbecue - however, in recent times, mustard is also considered appropriate for those without testicles, and women. Most of the time you can also get fried onion too, if you like it.

It is against the spirit of the Sausage Sizzle to charge extra for sauce, margarine or onion, however if you are offering fancy extras like bacon or fried mushroom, charging an extra 50c/$1 is okay.

It is WITHIN the spirit of the Sausage Sizzle to provide inclusive alternatives - vegan/halal/kosher - depending on the local community. Sausage sizzles are for all Australians.

Sausage Sizzles are part of all important Australian cultural activities, like going to Bunnings to buy hardware on the weekend, and voting in public elections.The latter is known as a “democracy sausage” and is considered a fundamental civic right. If you are unable to consume a democracy sausage on Election Day, you have been disenfranchised and are eligible for compensation. is the independent body that oversees this.

July 2 - Democracy Sausage Day in Australia

Stand with me, my fellow #Australians and Vote 1 - Sausage!

( h/t Kim Flowers )

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