Skipping forward to the February box, we've got another one from Milawa Cheese Co.

Skipping forward to the February box, we've got another one from Milawa Cheese Co.

Milawa White is a semi-hard cheese with a thin, coarse rind. Inside it is like a young gouda or edam in texture - but with a saltier bite than ether.

This salty overtone sits on top of a nutty, slightly sweet base, matching it well to the suggested smoked ham or almond accompaniment. It would also match very will with a crisp sharp apple. The tasting notes recommended a semillon, but finding a non-alcoholic one is tricky at best, so we made do with the Edenvale Shiraz, which played off very nicely against the sweetness.

Another thing it does extremely well is melt. The cheese flows well, and retains the heat from a blowtorch - something most cheddars struggle with. Melting also develops the nutty tones, and would make an extraordinary ham-and-cheese toasty.

A highly eatable cheese, and a solid all-rounder.

Cheeses from Milawa Cheese are available across Australia, but you may have to search a bit. In WA they are distributed by European Foods, so the Re store would be a reasonable bet.


  1. Looks yummy, I will have to keep an eye out over here in SA :)

  2. When Rob Masters set up the plates, sat us down to taste and then offhandedly mentions "Oh by the way, it's supposed to toast well." , I got up, got the bread and the blowtorch and did what had to be done. It was really one of the best cheeses I've had toasted for keeping its heat. And it tasted very good too.


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