So, yesterday...

So, yesterday...
First thing was heading out to Suomenlinna, the sea fort that guarded the Swedish Empire from Russia. A remarkable construction, it was never used in anger. 5 bastion star forts, and a fleet of shoow-draught cannon boats, all centred around a group of five islands a few miles off Helsinki. And a garden filled with plants supplied by the creator of the modern naming system for plants and animals. And lots of cobbled streets.a

On our way there, we met one couple also at the Ava, and the on the way back met a second couple who were gamers and con runners, one of whom also has coeliac disease, so we introduced them to Mari's down by the harbour.

On to Worldcon proper, and we missed the first panel we wanted Tokyo to, the second was filled to overflowing, so we wandered for a bit before going to the opening ceremony. Which was a wonderful show, going through the traditions of Finland according to season.

After, we took a break to redo Alicia Smith​ 's hair, and to have some dinner, then it was back to the Con for the River Castle/Another Castle combined women's Geek choirs. What a show! Some amazing voices, and a standing ovation - which they were not prepared for!

By that stage, things were pretty late, but we found Leece's friend from BoardGameGeek​, and with the closing of the room, they took us across town Toma steampunk-themed bar, where Leece had a GF beer, brewed by the bar, and we played Tiny Epic Galaxies.

Caught a bus back to the hotel, and crashed hard.

One other thing - we saw various fans in costume as characters from Scandinavia and the World​!


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