Our last day of Worldcon 75.

Our last day of Worldcon 75.


We made it to the food allergies and intolerances panel. Nothing ground-breaking, but some good PSAs came out of it. Mostly describing what the differencea are between auto-immune diseases, allergies, and intolerances, and how they can all come in different degrees of severity.

I spent most of the rest of the day teaching Honshū. Alicia Smith​ was in the first one, and rested up for the rest - except for the last, where she went to the closing ceremony.

Post-con, we had dinner at an Indian place near the Ava, and crashed hard.

I only have one shot for today. But it is Deadpool!


  1. Uhhh... I think we're back for gaming...maybe.

  2. Gary and I were sort of planning another Game of ST: Ascendency this Friday so if you are not back it is no problem.


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