Hugo Awards Night.

Hugo Awards Night.
After a morning wasted on the phone to various financial institutions (Pro tip: PNBank​​ rock, MasterCard suck), we made it into the con. I managed to get into the Photographing Costume/Cosplay panel, where I picked up a few tips. Alicia Smith​​ went scavenger hunting 🤗

Some gaming later, and a quick Hesburger Baltic​​ , and we were queuing for the Hugo Awards. Despite the early queuing, and the huge number of people in the queue, the crowd management was extremely efficient. Once the doors opened, we were processed very smoothly.

The ceremony itself went off well, only slightly delayed by a squad of Imperial troopers who wanted selfies on stage. Ahem.

The award speeches were a treat, and, as much as I wanted Ursula Vernon​​ 's great talk about whalefall and zombie worms to be the most memorable of the night, one recipient one-upped her. Not by being funnier, or through great eloquence, but through determination, perseverance, and courage.

That honour went to Ada Palmer, who accepted her John W. Campbell award in person, despite extreme pain. She gave a very moving speech about support for those with invisible disabilities. All given through combined tears of joy and agony. for the full list.



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