A day late BUT I HAVE AN EXCUSE!!!

A day late BUT I HAVE AN EXCUSE!!!

Today was our last day in Åland. Alas.

This is somewhere I could easily live, if not for the looming presence of Russia in the current climate.

We took care of various administrative matters, sending off no longer needed gear, returning bikes, and so on. The hotel very kindly gave us a late check-out of whenever we wanted, so we rested up, tried some of the local chips (yum!) until about 6pm, when we went down to the harbour.

Dropped off our bags in a locker, and wandered down to the ÅAS Marina Restaurant (which we found with both hands behind our backs (there, I've done it, happy now?)l for dinner. Watched J70 class boats racing in the harbour, with vile shenanigans going on, and had a very nice dinner.

Walked back to the terminal, only to find it shut! So we lurked outside until they opened up, and lurked inside, waiting for the ticket office to be populated, which did not happen until about 25 minutes before the ferry was due!

Eventually we were able to board and get to our cabin, at about 12:30am.

Moon looked amazing over the Baltic.


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