Three body problem

Three body problem

WPP2016 - Week 07 - Landscape
+Ken Fowkes,  Alen Ianni , Tim Kennedy ,  Robyn King , Rob Masters ,  Bernhard Rembold , Byron S ,  Francesco Scaglioni , Alicia Smith , Grandma Snyder , Navin Upendran and Mary Wardell


Perth is blessed with a wide open waterway called the Swan River. Here you can see three parts of it - Freshwater Bay, Melville Water, and Mosman Bay, with Point Walter cutting them apart.


  1. Folks in Perth are lucky to have such a nice amount of open water. :)

  2. You really get the feel of the land's interaction with the water in this capture. The little boats glow against the azhure water and the low hills which are actually where the Western edge of the continent really starts remind us of the age of this country, worn down. Great landscape!

  3. Great for the theme - you haven't read a certain Chinese novel by any chance have you ?

  4. No, I haven't! I guess I should...


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