Alicia Smith and i went to this amazing one-off event this evening - and still had the brainpower afterwards to...

Alicia Smith and i went to this amazing one-off event this evening - and still had the brainpower afterwards to write a review - something I did not!

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Nosferatu with live score composed and played by Viola Dana.

This was an amazing experience down at Scarborough Beach at the Sunset Verandah - Big Top tonight. You unfortunately don't have the chance to see this performance at the rest of the Fringe as it was one night only. Not the usual Fringe 1 hour show. Not something the performers could do over and over - this is intense work.

They played a very good restoration of the classic horror film Nosferatu, and the band provided the score to it - live and with no stops.

This adds true intensity to cinema. For nearly two hours the band played constantly building the sound picture and the soul of the film.

As the band took their bows, it was clear that despite making it look and sound easy, playing to an unremitting conductor was physically and mentally exhausting. But exhilarating too and the audience certainly picked it up.

I never knew anybody was doing this sort of thing locally and I'm going to keep my eye on them.

They will be doing Buster Keaton's The General at the Hyde Park Festival on the 14th and I urge you to go, because it is quite stupendous to have this cinematic experience. More info here

Left to right - Tristen Parr on cello, Jozef Grech on guitar, Kathy Corecig on violin, Pete Guazzelli handling MC and percussion. Photo by Rob Masters 

10/10 fantastic and being invited to watch Young Frankenstein in company with the original cast on The Sid and Nancy Scale.

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  1. I totally know those peeps from about 10 other perth bands..
    Buster Keaton is a favourite geniuss of mine.. We should get peeps going allong Jocelyn Kuan​, Steph S​, Greg Baatard​, Tashi Washi​

  2. Some Buster Trivia;
    Buster counted out, with a pair of tweezers, the exact number of gunpowder grains for the cannonball to the locomotive cab stunt..
    Buster did not tell co-star Marion Mack that she was about to get almost washed off the tender in the water tower stunt, as he wanted her to look truly surprised.


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