Monroe and Associates

Monroe and Associates
Presented by The Last Great Hunt

In Which Frankie Monroe Must Solve A Mystery Without Knowing Anything

So you're a private eye. Or at least you guess you are. That's what the sign says to the only address you've been given, and the only key you've got fits. That, and your hat, are the only things you're sure of. That, and the fact that someone shot you in the head, which is why you've got amnesia.

And that is how things begin. You walk up to the caravan with your ticket, and the actor/GM/NPC/EverythingElse gives you a bit of a briefing, and then you're on your own.

This remarkable combination of immersive Live Action Role-Playing, theatre, and puzzle solving is totally absorbing - you will scarcely notice the time flying by. The supporting cast (of one) provides a human element to the event, and also provides an in-depth debriefing at the end.

For obvious reasons, I cannot say much about what goes on inside - except to say that there is a fair bit of reading, and if you need glasses, take them. And that it is an absolutely superb set. It feels like a PI's office down to the finest details.

9/10 and spending an evening trading tales with Ellery Queen on the Sid and Nancy scale.

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  1. Luckily for #summergeddon  in Perth, the caravan is airconditioned.


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