"Delicious Ice Flow"

"Delicious Ice Flow"

WPP2016 - Week 06 - Flowing

+Ken Fowkes,  Alen Ianni , Tim Kennedy ,  Robyn King , Rob Masters ,  Bernhard Rembold , Byron S ,  Francesco Scaglioni , Alicia Smith , Grandma Snyder , Navin Upendran and Mary Wardell



SooC with Alicia Smith​'s 60mm macro lens, this is some of Simmo's signature cinnamon ginger ice cream, with nuts and slowly flowing chocolate sauce.

If you are not in W.A., Simmo's Ice Cream is a Mandurah institution, and totally delicious. We are blessed with three master frozen dessert manufacturers here, the other two being Gusto Gelato in Leederville, and Miller's Ice Cream in Cowaramump. Please don't ask me to choose!


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