Hubbub - The Mandurah Fringe Mini-festival

Hubbub - The Mandurah Fringe Mini-festival

Hubbub is the Mandurah extension of #FringeWorld and presents a selection of the more popular shows, and a few specialties for the location. Centered around the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, it brings some of the colour and pageantry of Fringe World to the Peel Region.

We've just attended "Sweet Dreams: Songs by Annie Lennox", performed by Michael Griffiths​​ - See Alicia Smith​​'s review for more on that.

In the early evening we get some street performance in the form of acrobats from beneath the sea, including a stilt-walking jellyfish! We also have much better food options, with an home cooked foods van (DinnerPeace) and the baked spud van just outside the centre.

If you are in the area, or have missed a show in Perth, give Hubbub a go - it is sure to be fun!



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