Boosting the signal on this story.

Boosting the signal on this story. If true (and watch this space to get ti read the full transcript) then both the ABC management and the Coalition have some pretty serious allegations to answer for.

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If you've got some time, read this long piece on the tribulations of tech journalist Nick Ross who recently left the ABC saying he was gagged from reporting on the Coalitions NBN plan.
New Matilda says they have audio recordings from Ross of meetings he had.
These aren't a "smoking gun", but they do show how much pressure the ABC is under from the Coalition, and how they are trying to stay alive and as independent as they can. This requires some pragmatic compromises. And just think, this is for tech coverage, imagine how the main news desk feels.


  1. I'm having no trouble believing this. The ABC has spent a lot of time being a Liberal Party shill since the end of the Howard government. You need look no further that the appalling treatment of Prime Minister Gillard or the way that Tony Abbott had more air time than the government in the lead up to the 2013 election. Admittedly they were being blackmailed with a threat of destruction over their heads and a series of Liberal favoring general managers in command. But it is really sad to see.

  2. Note that this story may be relying on recordings that are illegal under NSW law, and that Crikey (for one) is unconvinced that the recordings say what New Matilda says they do.

    I've been watching the, ah, fighting over this on Twitter and it's getting NASTY. Jonathan Holmes (former MediaWatch host) has been dragged in and it wasn't pretty: he's basically been accused of lying.

    I don't know the truth of this one on any side, just be careful about it for a while...


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