We saw The Last Witch Hunter this evening.

We saw The Last Witch Hunter this evening.

We went in with extremely low expectations.

And were disappointed.

It is actually quite a good movie! Vin Diesel has great fun playing what can on!y be described as a Fighter Player Character alongside the Mentor (even if he's 800 years younger) of Michael Caine. Elijah Wood makes for an interesting Sidekick. Meantime Rose Leslie plays Chloe the Elf Magic User Psy Witch PC with class and style. And taking no nonsense from the Fighter.

The story is pretty good, with decent plotting, and a couple of well hinted and revealed twists. And all of our heroes get to sprout some awesome one-liners.

All in all a much better movie than we were expecting. External detached spine on The Witch Queen notwithstanding. But the ghost of Mr. Geiger is not amused, I'm sure.

8/10 and a really good cappuccino in a dive bar on the Sid and Nancy scale.


  1. When I read "And were disappointed". I imagined it was worse than you expected..

  2. Bwahahaha! You fell for my cunning trap!


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